New Year, New....

     I love the first week of the new year, it's always so full of inspiration and motivation.  I took advantage of my Holiday vacation time and decided to re-vamp and re-organize my closet which I love to do because I always come across articles of clothing I had forgotten about (I'm not proud of this, but I also came across some things with the tags still attached, impulse buy? I think so).  I was especially excited to re-vamp my bedroom and closet because I made specific purchases during the Holiday season for this project i.e. new bedspread and picture frames.  I'm not quite done with the entire process but I thought I would share some of the progress I've made so far.

                     I found a new way to incorporate my shoes as decor pieces in my bedroom.  I first saw this idea in InStyle Magazine and fell in love with the concept of using wardrobe and fashion accesories as accent pieces throughout my bedroom.

                    One of my all time favorite color schemes is black and's so reminiscent of Chanel.  I love my new black and white bedspread, there's just something so timeless and classic when you pair black and white together.

                     I had so much fun trying out and using my my new Con-Air curling iron (best Christmas present ever).  My old one broke the day before Christmas so this was definitely something that I desperately needed.   

                     After a couple hours of rummaging and cleaning through everything I decided to treat myself to a Spa Manicure.  I opted for OPI's Miss O'Leary BBQ, it's one of my all time favorite go-to nail polishes, I love the deep red tones in it.  Of course, nothing goes better with a Spa Manicure than an Iced Americano.

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Ashley said...

love the shoe idea! so inventive and your eye makeup in this last pick is perfection!

i have that same pic of Audrey in my apartment - classic! happy friday doll!

a minute to spare said...

i love that nail polish color...

♥alicia said...

Have you tried the curling wand??!?! It's a miracle worker, and thats coming from the girl with too much hair!
Hope all is well!!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Totally love that bedding!! And your shoes as decor is a great idea!

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Rosie said... I haven't tried the curling wand but i'll have to give it a try because I have tons of hair too, I just end up putting it up in a ponytail because it takes hours to blow-dry.

Olivia said...

where did you get your bedding from? i want it for my new room!

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