Eyebrow Envy!

So this might sound weird but I am completely envious of girls with full bushy eyebrows. My eyebrows are pretty non-existent. I don't pluck or wax them, it's just a hereditary thing. I know that having full eyebrows entails lots of upkeeping and can be kind of a pain sometimes but I'd gladly bear with that if it meant I could have eyebrows like Lily Collins. They frame her face beautifully.

To trim or not to trim?

I try to schedule my hair appointments for color every 6 weeks (it's a must with red). I have to admit though sometimes most of the time life happens and 6 weeks turns into 12. I'm finally going in for a much needed root touch up. I'm trying to work up the courage to get a trim to get rid of my damaged ends. But after 5 years of not letting scissors come in contact with my hair I've developed a small phobia of getting a hair cut. Below are images of the length I'm considering. Towards the end of last summer my hair became pretty unbearable so I think this length is the perfect compromise during the hot summer months.

Light and Airy . . .

Happy first day of March! How did we get here so fast? Spring is just a couple weeks away which has me fantasizing about all sorts of bright colors along with light and airy dresses/skirts. I've mentioned before that I'm a dress girl. They're just so effortles and classic. Here are a few spring looks that I've pinned for inspiration.