Life via Instagram . . .

WOW! I can't believe I went a whole month without posting, and how is it practically May already? Geez, I really wish time would slow down just a tad. Don't you? Here's a peek into what the past month has been like for me . . . 
YAY! I finally bit the bullet and purchased the I phone 5 + an adorable polka dot Kate Spade cover.
Santa Barbara adventures with this handsome man. 
Beautiful San Diego Scenery  during a weekend getaway & of course I can never resist pups, small or big-doesn't matter I'm an ultimate dog lover and I can't resist the urge to pet them all.
A little r & r catching up on the latest trends
& my current obsession bright pretty pink polishes and of course the polka dot obsession continues

*I'm finally on Instagram, I know, I know, Rosie come lately much?
You can find me @rosesea2