Fall Must Have # 3 . . . Classic Trench Coat!

Timeless, Effortless and Chic . . .

Must Have Item for Fall #2 . . . Leather Trim Details!

Leather Trim Details are the perfect way to toughen up and add a bit of edge to a girlish outfit.

Fall Must Have #1 . . . Oxblood Jeans!

It's official, the first day of Fall is September 22nd!!! It goes without saying that Fall is my favorite time of year. This week I'll be counting down by sharing my top 5 must haves for Fall. Today's must have is probably one of my favorites, "oxblood" jeans! Oxblood? Pretty much a word coined by the fashion industry to make maroon sound more interesting. Oxblood, maroon, whatever you may call it, the color is gorgeous. Just like mint green was the "it" color this summer, oxblood will follow in it's footsteps and will be seen everywhere this fall and I couldn't be more excited.

Rachel Zoe's latest venture . . . Hair Salon!

Rachel Zoe has conquered the fashion industry and now shes taking on the beauty world. Allow me to fill you in . . . Rachel is opening a new hair salon, DreamDry in New York's Flatiron neighborhood. DreamDry will offer "unprecedented, highly personalized services" including the "ultimate blowout," according to a report in People Style Watch. If I'm ever in NY I think I would defintely have to pamper myself at DreamDry. It's safe to say that I would do anything to have boho beach waves like hers.

Fall Uniform . . .

So when I first saw this image of Emma Stone I thought to myself "This is it! This is what I want to be wearing as much as possible during Fall." It's the perfect mix of casual and chic. I've also planned to alternate the look by swapping out the pumps with ballet flats for a more casual look.  I found all the items necessary to recreate this look at ZARA, which isn't a shocker considering I'm O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D with every single item on their website. So Ladies, what trends are you loving for Fall? I'd love to hear your must haves for Fall.  

Street Style all day, Every day!!!

It's enlightening to see a great shift in style inspiration due to the popularity of the blogging world. In my case for instance, I now find myself being inspired almost exclusively by Street Style and fellow bloggers. I find myself looking less and less at celebrities for inspiration, simply because the brands they wear are not feasible for me to obtain. I do have my favorites that I will always look to for inspiration, i.e. Rachel Bilson and Olivia Palermo, however for the most part it's Street Style all day, every day! Here are some of my favorite Street Style images as of late.

All images via Jak & Jil