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For the most part, when I get a manicure that fresh, shiny, flawless look lasts a total of a mere 1 to 2 days. Even though I'm extremely careful I always manage to see the first sign of chipped nail polish well before the third day. So when I heard about the latest trend in nail polish I was elated. Here's the scoop...a soak off gel nail polish by OPI called Axxium that comes in 40 shades which looks like polish but lasts much much longer. Your manicurist paints on a base coat, two color coats and top coat, as she would with regular nail lacquer. After each coat, the soak-off gel is cured briefly under ultraviolet light, so you leave with impeccably dry nails that last at least 3 weeks, (this is my personal testimony).  The cost for a gel manicure at my salon is $25 and it is definitely worth it, I will never go back to regular manicures. I've been getting gel manicures for the past 2 months and have saved money by only going about once every 3 weeks.  Another plus . . .my nails have grown stronger from the protection of the gel lacquer. I highly suggest you try this trend,  go ahead and indulge in a gel manicure, I promise you won't regret it.

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