The Girl with the Red Hair . . .

                              Trends may come and go but one thing that's stayed constant in my look is the
color of my hair.  I changed my hair color for the first time when I was 18 from my
natural dark brown tint to a dark auburn brown.  I always..felt...desired..lusted to
be a red head.  I love the slightly exotic appeal of the look. I love how the color washes
out making it a slightly different shade each week.  I will be forever envious of natural
red heads . . .the combination of their fair skin, freckles, and ginger locks is, in my opinion,
STUNNING. I always look forward to getting my color touched up...I have an appointment
this week and  will be doing a follow up post.  I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair
color/routine and am so excited to finally share my hair secrets with you. Until then, I would
like to share some of my favorite hair inspiration  images with you . . . Aren't these girls
simply drop dead gorgeous? I think so . . . .

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