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   Ah what can I say, when it comes to handbags I'm a true and faithful Marc Jacobs girl.  I thought it would be fun to show you the essentials I carry in my handbag every day.  I'm compulsively neat and organized to a fault in every aspect of my life, including the inside of my handbag.  With this being said I like to keep it clean and de-cluttered which is why I only carry the most essential items...My Red Patent Leather Tusk Wallet which I purchased at Nordstrom a couple years ago and to this day is still in perfect condition, I highly recommend Tusk leather goods, the wear and tear of their products is the best.  As you can see I also carry my Red snakeskin cosmetics bag, my Wayfarer them, my blackberry and my OPI nail polish in case I find myself needing to perform an emergency touch up. 
So ladies, I'd love to know...What's in your bag?   Are any of you compulsively neat with the contents of your handbag like I am?   Who are your favorite handbag designers?

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