I consider myself to be a creature of habit, with that said change doesn't come easy for me.  It took me a while (one year) to loooooove and embrace skinny jeans when they first came on to the fashion scene and now that the extreme flare cut on jeans is back I'm having separation anxiety with my skinny's.  Don't get me wrong, I love the look of flare jeans just as much, in fact I'm currently on the search for the perfect pair...I just hope that skinny's and flared jeans can co-exist harmoniously in the fashion world because I am not ready to put away my skinny jeans. 

Images via Tumblr and The Sartorialist

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Bon Bon said...

LOVE the wide-leg jeans these days! It's so funny how the styles keep fluctuating between straight/skinny and wide/flared! I don't think I can ever fully give up my leggings/skinny jeans though! xoxo

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