November Rain?

Take a look at the current forecast for Southern California and tell me how's a girl supposed to enjoy all the beautiful Fall Knitwear that neatly adorns the shelves of H & M, ZARA, and Urban Outfitters just calling her name to be worn.  As strange as this may sound this weeks' SUNNY forecast is putting me in a damper mood...

All I can do is PATIENTLY wait for Mother Nature to simmer down a bit (actually a whole lot) in order to enjoy lovely pieces like this one that I'm lusting over...

I'm in love with this Leather Shearling Aviator Jacket from although I must admith it's almost identical to my H & M Shearling Jacket.

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monica said...

Love this jacket... Too bad I'm big and pregnant right now, but maybe next fall I can wear one?


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