Oh October how I love thee....

By far October is my favorite month of the year and the list of reasons why could go on forever but I'll narrow it down to the most important ones. October is the most wonderful month of the year because it's accompanied by...Cool Fall Weather.Rain.Pumpkins.Chunky Knit Sweaters.BOOTS, BOOTS & more BOOTS.Leggings & Tights.Dark Nail Polish.Leather Jackets.Coats.Cardigans.Oversize Boyfriend Sweaters.Darker Hair & Pale Skin.MOST IMPORTANTLY...It ends on a perfect note...HALLOWEEN!!!(our favorite Holiday)


I'm not a fan of Generic Store Bought Halloween Costumes which is why I always try to make or put together my own. George's Costume was store bought however I put together my own costume (except for the Luigi cap which was bought at a Halloween Specialty Store)

White Bodysuit, Green Shortalls and White Gloves-American Apparel
Tall Brown Boots- Norsdtrom Rack
**You can vote for us here  for our chance to win a $500 American Apparel Gift Card...THANKS!!

2 sweet notes:

Andee Layne said...

you guys are to cute! I cant wait for halloween this wkend!!!

Christine said...

awww this is adorable haha, love it <3

xoxo Christine


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