♥ OH ANTHROPOLOGIE HOW I LOVE THEE!!! ♥ Entering the store feels like you’re walking into an ultra chic and sophisticated Parisian woman's bedroom. The Anthropologie customer wants something "different" she doesn't feel the need to be wearing EXACTLY what everyone else is wearing, either. Understated, rather than obvious. The Anthropologie shopper is confident enough NOT to need the world to know where she bought her clothing or the dollar amount that she paid for it. At the Anthropologie stores, you won't find items that are inscribed with a designer's name or initials. The Anthropologie customer likes the merchandise because simply put, it's nothing less thand divine and exquisite. Anthropologie offers charming dresses that are never overtly sexy or body-baring. Floral prints, appliques, laces, velvets and dainty details can be found in many Anthropologie clothing styles which make every piece feel ever so special and unique.

On a breezy Sunday afternoon with a skinny soy latte in hand, there's absolutely nothing more magical than playing dress up at Anthropologie. Although their pieces are of high price points, which usually in my case means only being able to walk out the store with 2-3 pieces (usually I take about 10 garment pieces to the dressing room and fall in love with every single one) but alas I MUST practice self control and make a decision. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting the Rockefeller Center location in NY,(pictured below) words alone do not serve justice to the architectural structure and beauty of this location.

As an added bonus i've included some of my favorite catalog shots. Every month I wait anxiously for the delivery of my Anthro catalog. A girl can make a whole afternoon out of this experience, the exquisite photography depicting the fantasy lives on these women makes you want to be them and posses all their grace and charm, not to mention own their to-die-for ensembles.

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