Gray and Yellow . . .

I've been obsessed with my latest vamping project which is to transform my bedroom into a serene haven in which I can feel inspired and comfortable.  I have an exact image in mind of what I want the end result to be . . . feminine yet modern with shades gray and yellow dominating throughout the room.  I started in December when I purchased a beautiful white Vanity Mirror Set (Target) and that alone started to set the tone of what I ultimately want this space to feel like.  Soon after I purchased a beautiful Gray duvet, currently I'm searching for the perfect pillows to pull together the color scheme that I am truly obsessed with. I will definitely try to start to document the progress with pictures in order to give you a visual of how it's all coming together.  So ladies, I'd love to hear what color schemes dominate your bedroom?

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JRuud said...

LOVING these pictures. Yellow just makes the room complete somehow. Wow, I'm copying these pictures. Great ideas for when I move out!! Thanks for sharing.

Love the blog hun! xo.

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