F21 Collaborations...

     F21 had the brilliant idea to collaborate with some of the most  popular and fashion savvy bloggers of today. Every single one of the ladies feautured is amazing in her own right.  The ladies feautured are Emily from Cupcakes and CashmereRumi from Fashiontoast,  Minnie from TheStyleWanderer,  Kelly from TheGlamorai,  and Louise from MissPandora. 
     My day to day style is a cross between Emily and Rumi...I love Emily's Classic California Chic picks, they seem so effortlessly pulled together yet ever so chic just like the lovely Emily...lots of dresses and skirts acessorized with pretty jewelry.  At the same time my personal style and likes are very much similar to Rumi's from Fashiontoast, it's a bit downtown girl mixed with Femme Fatale...lots of loose tops with fitted shorts or skinny jeans accesorized with edgy shoes. Which Girl are you???

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