In honor of...

Mother's Day is only a couple days away and I'm in complete panic mode trying to
figure out how to honor my mother, a woman who has everything yet deserves so
much more.  My mother is truly an amazing woman, one from whom I inherited an
obsession for pretty shoes and girlish details.  In honor of Mother's Day I'd like to give
credit to the mother's of these uber chic little darlings, who without a doubt must have
the most stylish mommies ever . . .

    Images via Tumblr . . .

by the way I could just die over the last image of the little girl in the trenchcoat

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Cecilia Warner said...

i love these pictures<3

Julie Khuu said...

wow what stylish little rugrats! I'm sure they take after equally stylish mamas too! That last shot is so cute! Thanks for sharing, happy hump day!


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Carly said...

Aw, what a cute post...each of them is cuter (and more stylish) than the next! Thanks for sharing.

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