Domestic Duties...

     The Holidays have come and are now gone (so quickly) as always, this year I was extremely inspired by all the baking and cooking that surrounded me wherever I looked.  I've always loved baking but with my hectic schedule the only time I truly get to indulge in it is during the Holidays, with this said, I've always wanted one of those ridiculously adorable aprons from Anthropologie.  I know, I know, they truly are not practical, I mean they're so adorable I'd be afraid to get stains on it but if a girl is baking yummy goodies for her loved ones she deserves something pretty to do it in, that's my justification and I'm sticking to it.  So next time I step into Anthropologie I will be searching for these items...I looooove the retro feel of this polka dot apron, so peppy and feminine!

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