My older sister is turning 28 today. I wanted to take the time to wish her a Happy Birthday and thank her for passing down all her fashion wisdom and hand me downs throughout the years.  Growing up being the middle child wasn't always fun I have to admit...I definitely suffered from the "Jan Brady" syndrome (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!! ha ha). I always felt that my older sister got to do everything first and my younger sister was spoiled rotten, however I love the relationship I have with my sisters now as adults. Of course the best part of having two sisters is sharing and swapping clothes, accessories, and shoes. 

Not too long ago we decided to wear matching "bridesmaid" dresses for our parents renewal of vows.  After many weeks of endless search we found the perfect dress that complimented all of us. Where? Well H & M of course.  I love this dress, it was dressy enough for a formal event yet I am still able to wear it to more casual events.  My necklace is vintage (1950's) it was one of those amazing lucky finds.  The owner of the shop, Out of Vogue, told me the story behind it and I just couldn't resist.  My shoes are from Bakers.

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