Winter Skin Care Routine

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share the skin care products I've been using as of late. First of all I'd like to start of by letting you know that I have normal combination skin. What does this mean? I have a slightly oily t-zone and drier cheeks with dry patchy spots here and there. I find that during the summer my skin gets a lot more oily/shiny than usual and vice versa, during the winter I MUST moisturize religiously otherwise my skin flakes like none other. As I'm approaching my late 20's I've made it a serious goal of mine to take care of my skin properly. This includes researching and investing in anti-aging products (which to be honest with you I thought were just a waste of money in my early 20's) Of course I also exercise the most common and well known practices for healthy glowimg skin which I've broken down into more detail below.

1. DRINKING WATER-I was pretty awful about this up until about 2 years ago.
In 2010 I made it my New Years resolution to drink more water . . . lots more, and I'm proud
to say that since then I drink tons and tons of water daily (about 6-8 glasses) I've never felt better,
it's one of the healthiest changes I've ever made.
2. WASH & MOISTURIZE FACE (2x) DAILY-Even if I'm dead tired after a night out I must wash my face-no exceptions. As I've gotten older my skin has become more sensitive, any neglegance turns into a blemish or breakout. If I have a blemish or breakout I follow up my daily face wash with Clearasil's Acne Face treatment which helps clear up my skin within 1 day. During the summer I only moisturize once (in the morning) because anything more than that and I turn into a hot oily mess. Winter is the complete opposite, I have to, have to moisturize twice just to keep my skin from flaking. I alternate between my less expensive Up and Up moisturizer and the Bare Minerals brand which is a bit more expensive. Alternating between the two helps me get extended use of the Bare Minerals product, which is a plus since it is more of an investment.
3. ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS-To be honest with you this is still fairly new territory for me. I've just begun to learn the basics about anti-aging products. I currently use anti-aging cream around my eyes in order to prevent wrinkles. I've recently invested more time into researching all the different types of anti-aging products in the market in order to learn which are the best to invest in. If there's any products that you recommend please let me know. I'm all ears when it comes to advice on anti-aging products.

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