It always irritates me when fellow Southern Californians complain about how it's still so warm in the Fall months, I always feel like asking them "You do know you live in Sunny Southern California right? Warm weather during the Fall or even Winter months in Southern California isn't groundbreaking news. We will never have a white Christmas, in fact we more often than not have 80 degree weather on Thanksgiving and Christmas so what's with all the complaining?" Just like everyone else I crave Fall like weather however,  I know that if I want to truly indulge and experience it I would have to move elsewhere. The forecast is predicting rain for the latter part of this week. We're finally getting a taste of Fall weather, the mornings are bit brisk and breezy, the evenings are getting cooler and rain is upon us which should make a lot of Southern Californians happy. 
Although we don't get much rain I am completely in love with these adorable Joules rain boots.
Wouldn't that bright yellow bow brighten up any rainy gloomy day?
Head on over to the Joules online store to check out the lovely selection they have to offer.

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