Snapshots . . .

So I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately, I promise it's not by choice. I'm taking an intense 1800's English Literature course and it's been consuming my life to say the least. It's a 3 hour daily lecture course and on top of that I probably spend another 3 hours on homework every-single-day! Alright, enough complaining out of me. I leave you with some recent snapshots and with the promise that I will be much more consistent after my final exam, which is exactly one week from today!
1. Pretty new Essie polish in Plumberry available here.
2. Arm Candy/ Marc by Marc Watch/Gold Cross Bracelet availabe here!
3. Bright Zipper Clutch available in stores only-Nordstrom.
4. My new favorite gel eyeliner by Bobbi Brown available here.
5. Beautiful Vintage Lace Lamps I found on clearance here! Major Score!
Now I just need the perfect bedside tables for them.
6. When I'm not reading 1800's English Lit. I like to catch up on my trends.
7. I've been loving dainty & delicate necklaces lately both available in stores only-F21

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