MAD MEN Season 5 . . .

     Mad Med Season 5 FINALLY returns this Sunday. Mad Men is by far my favorite Drama Series of all time (Lost comes in a close second). I am so excited to see what unravels this season. I love love love Don and Megan together so when he proposed on the last episode of Season 4 I was beside myself. She just might be "the one" to change his playboy ways.  The wardrobe on this show is ridiculous, I love every single piece that comes on screen.  Of course that should come as no surprise since I'm obsessed with that era. I long for the day when it's the norm to be dressed to the nines, men in sharp crisp suits and women in full skirted dresses.  So ladies, do any of you watch Mad Men religiously like I do? If you don't follow this series, watch 1 episode, I guarantee you will be hooked!

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