Fun DIY Holiday Treats . . .

Happy Holidays Ladies, I hope all of you are spending time with your Family and Friends this Holiday weekend.  I am very blessed and thankful to have 3 weeks of paid Holiday Vacation and let me tell you, I've been enjoying these first few days by going on long outdoor runs, re-decorating my bedroom and making these adorable Holiday Treats with my nieces.  Usually these are my go to Holiday dessert when I don't have time to bake however these were a special request by my nieces. They're a hit with kids and so easy to make, I listed the Ingredients and Instructions below in case any of you ladies are interested in making these delectable treats. Enjoy!

*Reindeer Mini Donuts*

-chocolate frosted mini donuts
-white sprinkles (round)
-red & green plain M&M's

Push M&M® into the middle of the donut. Put 2 white sprinkles above it for eyes,
break a pretzel in half and add the two halves at the top for antlers!

*Nutter Butter Acorns*

-Nutter Butter bites
-Nestle Mini Chocolate Chip kisses
-Hershey's Almond kisses
-Peanut Butter

Layer the flat side of the Hershey's Almond kiss with a light layer of peanut butter and
press it together with a Nutter Butter. Next dip the flat side of a mini chip in peanut butter
and place it on the top center of the Nutter Butter. Let them sit so the peanut butter has
time to harden. Enjoy!

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great idea rose!! i'm actually going to try making them... xoxo

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