I've got the BLUES...

Some people call it Cobalt Blue others refer to it as Electric Blue...
I call it heaven.  Cobalt/Electric Blue is my favorite color to wear, it's
 so striking and in my opinion one of the few colors that you can wear through 
ALL seasons.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Jessica Alba's look at the BAFTA's on
Sunday night.  She was sheer perfection in a flowingVersace gown.  I love that
she opted for a young and fun braided updo which gave her a youthful and
effortless look. Her make-up was simple yet elegant, her false lashes and red lips 
had just the right amount of that "glam" factor to make her stand out on the red carpet. 

3 sweet notes:

Diana said...

I love this color too! In fact, I wrote about it the other day :)


Andee Layne said...

totally agree such an amazing color on her! Not so crazy about her hair but she looks gorgeous no matter what!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

This is so stunning! I agree 100% with you! I have blue eyes, so I love wearing this color as well!

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